What We Do

In an overall sense, we work in the IT industry, and provide IT-related solutions. However, that’s a big moniker, and means different things to different companies and other entities. For example, a school will have different IT needs than a Global Corporation, yet we work with both to help them achieve their needs.

The best “all encompassing” way to explain what we do (and who we do it for) is to match our core services with the technology we work with. For one small example, if you need an application developed that will encompass tracking technology (RFID/etc.), we’re an ideal fit.

  • Our Core Services

    IT Consulting

    IT Staffing

    IT Training

    Application Development

    Mobile App Development

    ERP Systems / EDI

  • Our Technological Expertise

    Computers / Servers Networks of any kind Big Data Analytics RFID, GPS, GPRS Infrared Technologies Other Radio-based technologies

  • Our Ideal Clients / Needs

    Corporations with IT departments Companies devoid of IT personnel schools and Universities Any entity needing applications Any form of electronic tracking Gathering and Analysis of (large amounts of) data


Our services are not solely limited to the above. If it involves IT in any fashion, it’s quite likely we can be of assistance, and a conversation will likely prove useful. We are based in Parsippany NJ (USA), and have offices in Atlanta and Tampa as well, but are capable of working for anyone, anywhere.

We work with any size company or entity

Company size in not a factor in working with MicroTurn. We help staff the IT departments of major corporations, and we’ve worked with schools to develop tracking applications and ERP systems. And we’ve created mobile apps for small startups. If any of our services or technologies seem relevant to your needs, reach out and contact us – we’d be happy to discuss how we can help you.


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