MicroTurn Systems is a technology-driven IT company that operates under the assumption that advancing technology can benefit almost any company or entity that wishes to utilize it. Therefore, we do not focus on a single type (or size) of client, and instead utilize “specific technologies” as our USP.
Our clients are as diverse as one could imagine – you can find us assisting a startup with a mobile application or game, and you can find us working with some of the largest companies on earth, developing an application to analyze terabytes of data from multiple, diverse sources. And then tomorrow, we’re just as likely to help a small company staff their IT department, and then spend time developing tracking technology for custom ID cards.

Technology makes possibilities endless, and that’s why we’ve chosen to specialize in such


All of this talk of computers and technologies does not come at the expense of the people behind them. We embrace an open, collaborative approach to problem-solving. Our people are all experts in their respective technologies, but are not above learning something new – in fact, it’s something we openly encourage.

In addition, we realize that we’re not just working on 0′s and 1′s. We’re working with people – our clients, colleagues, and coworkers all matter greatly. We take a “listen-first” approach to our endeavors, because that’s the way problems truly get solved. Everything we do – from application development to IT consulting to training to anything else involves problems that need solving.

We’ve grown to three US offices (Parsippany NJ, Atlanta GA, and Tampa FL) due to our focus on making IT (and business) easier for our clients.


Values are at the foundation of our business at Micro Turn Systems; they guide our behaviors and decision making. Our core values are: