Radio Frequency Identification is the latest technology that advances to help organizations even greater levels of accuracy, efficiency and visibility. Radio frequency (RF) technology is commonly used to transmit and receive information without wires. MicroTurn is one of leading R.F.I.D. solution providing company around the globe. It is highly complex to benefit, you need access to a broad array of experience and knowledge, including expertise in encoder and reader hardware, tags, information systems integration and operational procedures. MIP can help you. We understand RFID technology and the underlying business processes and can help you integrate the right RFID solution. The technology has revolutionaries all business applications and our RFID Solutions are tailored to fit your needs, including:

Solutions Educations Institutes
RFID Solutions Shopping Malls
RFID Solutions Logistics
To ensure the effectiveness of your RFID solution, MIP’s areas of focus include:

Workflow and Process Design: To allow tags, readers and back-end systems to synchronize communications around tag read events.
End to End System Integration: So that RFID systems work seamlessly with other systems used by your business.
Tag Visibility: So that the data generated by RFID adds value, not just complexity.
System Monitoring: To ensure effective and reliable connectivity and data transmissions.
Device Management: To make it easier to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of RFID technology.